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Mørksholm Skov - Schlafen Sie in einem Zelt im Wald

Mørkholm Skov is a lush deciduous forest with areas of coniferous forest.

Here you have to pitch your tent for a single night and is a varied and exciting forest. Here are good opportunities for hiking. The area has a good population of deer and this is also where you can be lucky to see the black squirrels.

The 1-2-3 Rule

  • You are allowed to stay for one night at the same location
  • You are allowed to place a maximum two tents at the same location
  • You are allowed to use tents designated for a maximum of three persons

Other restrictions:

  • Tents must be placed out of sight from forestry and residential buildings, including neighbours,
    camp sites and roads for vehicles
  • You are allowed to use open fire only in designated sites for campfires (bålpladser)
  • You may use camping stoves with a contained burner such as Trangia. Due to the risk of fire it is
    not allowed to put the stove on leaves, or other flammable materials
  • Please be aware that open fire may be prohibited in periods of drought even at sites for campfires.
    In such circumstances, the use of camping stoves is also prohibited.
  • The Danish Nature Agency may occasionally need to close woodlands off, and the possibility for
    “Fri teltning” may be suspended for a limited period. Such restrictions will be announced on the
    Agency’s website and if possible also with signs in the woods.
  • Use of motorized vehicles is not allowed on the forest roads.
  • In the designated areas for “fri teltning”, it is not allowed to set up tent in the open land, in fields,
    on beaches, in dunes, near bogs, on heathlands or other clearings in the area.
  • Noisy behaviour is not allowed – this includes the use of radio, loudspeakers, musical
    instruments and the like in a noisy manner.

Leave no trace – clear the area of belongings and trash - take both with you when you leave