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Wichmann Optik

Bei Wichmann Optik finden Sie eine spannende Auswahl von hoher Qualität in Svendborg.

Their store has been located in the beautiful building at Kattesundet 4 since 1994, but they started in Møllergade back in 1986. The store is fortunate to experience that many of their customers have followed them throughout the years. Perhaps because you will always meet the same optician. They strive to ensure that the optician who addresses your vision problem also sees the case through to the end. This applies to both the production and delivery of your glasses. In this way, they believe that you receive the best service and the best product.

Professionalism and quality are important to them, which is why they collaborate with ZEISS to provide the best lenses on the market. The path to perfect vision begins with a thorough vision test, and here they use, among other things, ZEISS i.Profiler to create a unique analysis of your vision.

The store naturally carries all the exciting brands from the most talented eyewear designers and the major fashion houses, and they do not compromise on quality. All their suppliers have gone through strict selection criteria. They believe that happy and satisfied customers recommend them, so they make a great effort to find eyewear designs that suit both your face and your style. They are not afraid to give their honest opinion, but of course, you decide.